Founded in Slovenia in 2014, INCOMO develops planning operations, production and services for projects from the fields of art, architecture, and design. In addition to the office and workshop, the property accommodates facilities for guest rooms and events. Besides our planning activities we want to make sensitive use of natural agricultural resources, develop existent resources, and offer our own products.

With this new website I would like to give an overview of INCOMO’s activities, to present selected articles, and report on peculiarities and specialities of the region.

My “borderland reports” are about relocating to a new country, which in my case involves the mind-blowing experience of combining Slovene, German and Hungarian ways of life.

At first, the former guest-house Hrvatova Domačija, which takes its cue from an old Croatian farmhouse, had to be rebuilt for its current function. Our concept for the new building has been realised step by step. Next, we plan to expand the existing kitchen and adapt it for culinary adventures in chef-guided, collective cooking sessions. The idea is to use mainly local produce and products from our own herb and vegetable garden.

I’ll be posting news at (ir)regular intervals. Anyone interested is more than welcome to subscribe to the newsletter.

ewa esterhazy